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The MODEL-med Sophie and her Mum Full Birth Obstetric Trainer is designed for the simulation of cephallic birth, breech birth, and shoulder dystocia. It is made from a highly realistic flesh-like material that creates a remarkably accurate tactile experience when simulating birth.


Unlike anything else available, the internal skelatal structures of both fetus and base ensure a snug fit and realistic execution of maneuvers such as posterior arm sweep. The proprietary non-latex polymer excellently simulates flesh and forms a dynamic entroitus that remains accurate before, during, and after fetal expulsion.


In addition to fetal expulsion, additional accesories enables Sophie and her Mum to simulate delivery of the placenta and post-partum hemorrhage.


Available in light and dark skin tones for both fetus and base.

Sophie and Her Mum

Skin tone
    • As with all MODEL-med products, the models require generous lubrication with water-based lubricants.
    • Remove jewelry and rings prior to use, like a real person sharp edges can harm the model.
    • To clean model use a damp cloth, do not sumberge.
    • View product manual for detailed information.
    • All models are hand crafted in Australia and shipped direct, estimated delivery in 4-6 weeks after order is placed.
    • A valid W-9 form is required by U.S. Customs for this product.
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