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Realistic Simulation
The Gynecological Trainer is a highly realistic simulation of the female reproductive organs. Made from a very life-like material, it allows the medical practitioner to practice everyday procedures such as bi-manual palpation, pap smears, pessary placement and use of the speculum.

The MODEL-med Gynecological Trainer is so easy to use!
To change over a uterus, simply put a small amount of lubricant on the cervix and slide the uterus into the cavity at the back of the model until it seats down into the vagina. It is that easy. To swap over another uterus, simply slide the current one out and slide in the one you want. 

Seven Different Uteri

The Gynecological Trainer comes with seven different uteri. They are, from the top and left to right, hollow, small, medium, large, ovarian cyst, fibroids and retroverted.

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