MODEL-med product range
MODEL-med product range

Sophie SVD
Sophie SVD

Charlie and His Mum
Charlie and His Mum

MODEL-med product range
MODEL-med product range



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Paradigm Medical Systems has provided products, customer support, and product education to hospitals and caregivers since 1986. The collection of obstetric simulators offers unparalleled levels of realism, improving outcomes for educators and patients alike.

Our Products

Sophie and Her Mum

The MODEL-med Sophie and Her Mum Full Birth Obstetric Trainer is designed for the simulation of cephallic birth, breech birth, and shoulder dystocia.

Lucy and Her Mum

The MODEL-med Lucy and Her Mum Instrumental Delivery Trainer is designed specifically for medical practitioners to simulate the practice of instrumental delivery with vacuum.

Gynecological Trainer

The MODEL-med Gynaecological Trainer is a highly realistic simulation of the female reproductive organs.

Charlie and His Mum

The MODEL-med Charlie and His Mum obstetric trainer is designed specifically for medical practitioners to assess cervical dilatation and fetal presentation.


A variety of accessories are available to expand the functionality of your model.


We pride ourselves on excellent customer support, guarantee the quality of all products, and offer free repairs. Contact us with any inquiries.

Visit Us Virtually

Paradigm Medical Systems is offering virtual demos of our line of Model-med products, including the newest update to our full birth simulator. Visit us in person or click here to schedule a virtual demo and see how simulation can help your institution and experience unparalleled realism. Below you can also see a schedule of future conferences, public health conditions permitting.

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